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Arian Aghajanzadeh has been accepted to participate in the Water Solutions Network

February 1, 2019

Arian Aghajanzadeh has been accepted to participate in the Water Solutions Network (WSN) cohort this year. WSN is an immersive learning experience for future leaders in the water sector and we will be assigned to work on a real water challenge in California during this cohort. Based on his research experience in Ag and groundwater, he will be assigned a project in the Tulare basin.

Forum Reinforces ALS Links to Water-Energy Nexus

January 28, 2019

About 80 Berkeley Lab scientists gathered at the ALS last week for an “ALS Water-Energy Outreach Forum” to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from a growing focus on the nexus between water and energy—two resources essential to human populations—and to explore how the ALS can help address key questions in the field. <Read More>

Creating More Sustainable Water Systems by Taking Lessons from the Energy Industry

August 9, 2018

Peter Fiske (EESA) wrote a piece published in R&D Magazine on research opportunities in creating sustainable water systems, including a look at water-energy research at the Lab.


Packed House at UC Center in Sacramento Hears Berkeley Lab Scientists on Water Research

August 9, 2018

More than 200 attendees turned out to hear Berkeley Lab scientists speak on their research to develop solutions for a more secure and sustainable water future. With Peter Fiske, director of the Lab’s Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute (WERRI) as moderator, the panel included researchers Dan Miller, Peter Nico, and Chinmayee Subban. Topics covered include advances in membrane technology for ocean desalination; strategies to lower the cost of desalinating brackish groundwater, an under-utilized resource in California; how smart groundwater recharge strategies can help California increase its water supplies. <See Video>

Charu Varadharajan to speak at Safe Drinking Water Challenge

June 25, 2018

Charuleka Varadharajan — a research scientist whose research uses data to inform sustainable water resource management — will speak on the plenary panel for the launch of the California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge

Lawrence Berkeley Scientists Find a Cool Way to Save Water

June 4, 2018

Berkeley Lab scientists, Pouya Vahmani and Andrew Jones, find a cool way to save water.

Lab Researchers Featured in KCRA Sacramento TV Special on Water

April 26, 2018

Berkeley Lab researchers Peter Fiske, Erica Woodburn, and Peter Nico appeared on KCRA-TV Sacramento to discuss the challenges with California’s water resources and infrastructure.

Berkeley Lab Aims for Big Breakthroughs in Water Technology

March 29, 2018

Recognizing that the issues of water and energy are critically interdependent, the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) is launching a new research institute to focus resources on its growing portfolio of projects for water innovation.

World Bank and UN Report On Global Water Crisis

Peter Nico Discusses California Groundwater Recharge

March 13, 2018

California, which grows so much of the country’s food, continues to look for new strategies to hedge against drought.  Jefferson Public Radio discusses groundwater recharge with Helen Dahlke at University of California-Davis and Peter Nico at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.