It's enormously expensive to transport water across vast distances, but efficient desalination processes could help.Deposit Photos

To Solve Global Water Scarcity, We Need to Get More Serious about Desalination

Dec 30, 2019

 Lab’s Peter Fiske featured in PopSci desalination story. <read more>



Peter Fiske Joins Berkeley Lab as Water-Energy Resilience Institute Director

2 May 2017

Berkeley Lab names Dr. Peter Fiske to be the director of its Water-Energy Resilience Institute, a new position that underscores the Lab’s commitment to developing solutions for the challenges associated with the interdependence of water and energy systems.

Water-Energy Nexus Seminar on Water Resiliency in a Low-Carbon Future: Opportunities and Challenges at the Energy-Water Nexus

20 Oct 2016

This presentation explores the energy-water-land (food) interactions that give rise to natural/engineered system dynamics. Robin Newmark is an Associate Laboratory Director at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Dr. Newmark has led or contributed to programs involving energy, climate and water issues, and the interdependence of water and energy systems.

Peter Nico Announced as Program Domain Lead for Resilient Energy, Water and Infrastructure

23 Sep 2016

On September 19, Berkeley Lab’s Energy Geosciences Division Director, Dr. Jens Birkholzer announced Peter Nico as the new Program Domain Lead for Resilient Energy, Water and Infrastructure.

Berkeley Lab addresses California Water Resilience challenges with new major initiative

23 May 2016

Berkeley Lab investigators are using fundamental research to address the interdependent challenges of water and energy, as regional climates change, and populations grow. The Berkeley Lab’s collective expertise can use both fundamental research and technological advances to meet these challenges.